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Steve is this really hot kid I know. Okay, he's in my cycle, and he's a juggalo. I've had a crush on him since about, October. We went out February through the beg. of April. He was the worst boyfriend, ever. But, I still have the most giantestest crush on him, EVER.

He is the most awesomeest kid, seriously. Me and my friend, Bree, used to hang out with him in Seaside. Yea, a very very very dirty town. But, it's so awesome.

By the way.. Steve is dirt poor, and lives in the most distusging motel in Seaside. The Village Inn. I love the Village Inn, and I want to live there someday. A night is 35$. My mom says it's too dirty for me to ever rent a room in, with my friends. :o(

I make everyone call me Steve, because I love him so much. And he is just so fucking awesome.

I steal lots of Steve's stuff, like from classrooms, and stuff.

Oh yeah, Steve is soo gangster. And, he has this gangster walk+accent, kinda like me.

AND to clear things up.. I kinda think I am Steve, sometimes. I like to say "Hello, I am Steve, and I am gorgeous." Yes. Everyday.

Okay. To conclude.. I love Steve
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