Stephen Dolenski (pwrpcman) wrote in steve_people,
Stephen Dolenski

What's in a name...

My birth certificate says Steven but in the fifth grade there was another kid named Steven he was a total jerk he once fractured my arm on the play ground. I had the same home room and so I managed to get assigned to a new teacher then at that point I changed the spelling of my name to Stephen.

People often ask me what I prefer "Steve" or "Steven" or "Stephen" I never know how to answer. I usually answer the phone "hi this is Steve" but when someone asks to spell my name like for reservations I say "steven = spelled w the ph"... On some occasions I will pronounce the ph to "Stephen" (stefan).

But nothing irritates me more is when on the phone I say my name and they come back as Dave for steve and David for Stephen AAARG!

I some close friends are allowed to call me Stevie..
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